Fun night!!

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Yesterday morning, Emmet and I had to go to Kochi City for work, so we rushed back home to do some shopping!
The dishes and table settings were ready at 4:00, so I had to be quick to get everything ready.

By 6:45, the hot food was freshly prepared and the chilled food was ready to be served.
The dishes and utensils had been washed! And then our two guests arrived! Perfect timing!

I was able to cook everything I had planned!
The main course was Milanese chicken cutlets in a tomato sauce with lots of garlic and parmesan and breaded and fried chicken! So easy and delicious!

Plus, the Butlers love grilled vegetables.
These carrots are cut lengthwise, not peeled, and steamed in a pan with my favorite olive oil, salt and rosemary.
Just grill them in a pan with a little lid and steam them, but they are so sweet and so delicious!

And this one was also a hit… Marinated squid! This is carrots, cucumbers and onions with squid.
Just toss with olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon and mustard and refrigerate!
Also, peeled small tomatoes with honey lemon, and red cabbage with rapeseed.

These three were the first in a series that I quickly made and refrigerated while letting everything soak in.
When it’s hot, it’s good to add cold, refreshing dishes to the menu!

Our guests this time were Norio and Seiko.
They are related to ANA (Norio used to work for ANA and Seiko is a current CA).
So of course, they speak fluent English, which is a big help to me because Emmet can talk with them all the time!

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to translate every time.
Moreover, all of them have traveled and lived in various countries around the world, so their sensibilities are international.
We can talk about a variety of topics, such as differences in common sense, traffic rules, economics, accents, customs, and so on.
We had a lot of fun, and we never ran out of things to talk about. !!!!

Fionn was asked by them to play the piano, and he was happy to do so!
When Norio and Seiko were watching Fionn play the piano, it looked they were family relatives!

We started with champagne, then went on to beer, wine, and sake!

And finally, Eme-chan was beaten by the sake!
Just before the moment at the picture, we ate a cake that Seiko had brought for us.
But he said he couldn’t remember.

I had to go back and forth to Kochi early in the morning and then dash to the kitchen to get ready for the dinner party.
I was about to post the usual story of how everything was done after cleaning the table and washing the dishes.
I ran out of energy halfway through and fell asleep with my contacts and makeup still on!

I took this picture after they left, we both look so tired!
Oh, and Eme-chan is just drunk!

It was a really fun night, and I hope to have drinks with them again.

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