Menu for tomorrow!

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I was thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow.
The last time someone came to our house for dinner was in May with Fionn’s friend`s family, so it has been more than a month and a half.

When we have dinner party at home, I usually decide on the menu the night before.
I look at books and the delicious-looking pictures I have saved on Instagram to help me decide.
Doesn’t the meal in the picture on my computer look delicious? (lol, this is my post).

It looks like a very stylish dinner table! LOL! 
It’s a picture from a regular weekend family dinner, but I just looked back at my blog and it was a ¥1,000 dinner. Well done!
The reason why I was checking this is because I’m making this chicken dish tomorrow at Eme-chan’s request.

I know I’m writing this in a very random way, but this is pretty much what I’m going to make tomorrow.
I’ll prepare one more dish in case we need more, but I’m sure this will be enough for 4 adults and 1 kid.

And this is what I plan to buy at the store tomorrow.
My meals are always budget-friendly! That way, I can easily invite people over for dinner.

I have a screenshot on my phone and an instagram where I can save it.
I have a lot of delicious looking meals, beautifully arranged dishes and table settings saved on my instagram.

Just looking at them makes me excited and I want to make all kinds of things. !!!!
And I can’t wait to get a house. !!!!

I can’t wait to move into a house with a big kitchen and a dining room with a nice view.
(I know I say this all the time, but I’m desperate!! haha)

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