Long time no drawing!

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Lately it’s all about the Games! Games! Games!
When Fionn is not playing games, he is watching youtube, so he hasn’t been drawing or anything.

We have some restrictions, but I think we let him play a lot…. I’m sure it’s bad for his eyes and brain though…

But yesterday was a rare day when he said, “I want to draw!” He was concentrating on something for a long time, so I peeked in to see what it was, and it turned out to be Ghostbusters, which he has been loving lately! LOL!
It was a movie that Emmet, Fionn and I watched together after dinner just the other night, and he has been hooked ever since.

I think this is his favorite Ghost and it’s “Slimer”.

And I think this is the metal-eating “Muncher” from Ghostbusters Afterlife.
I know it’s easy for us when it comes to his drawing, but I really like Fionn’s drawings!

A year ago, he was really into drawing, and he used to do it all the time, but lately he’s been drawing less and less, and I’m missing him doing it.

He likes playing games so much that the drawings and crafts he draws during kindergarten are becoming more like games… lol.
But I can’t leave all these things behind and throw them away!

I’m sure there will come a time when I have to throw them away, so I’ll leave them here on the blog like this.

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