The thought of age five (English)

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These days, Fionn often says, “I want to be an adult.” Yesterday after dinner, he said, “Mummy! I wanna eat more rice balls!” So I asked him, “Are you still hungry?!” He replied, “I’m gonna eat more because I want to grow up quickly!!”
His response was so cute. He thinks that if he eats a lot, he can grow up quickly and become an adult. When I asked him why he wanted to grow up so quickly, he said he wanted to try so many things. He thinks being adult, and doing adult things is more fun than being child. Then I suddenly remembered the phrase “Don’t grow up, it is a trap!! No, please don`t Fionn! haha But when I told him that you couldn’t go back to being a child when you grew up, he was kinda upset. That was cute, too.
Fionn is interested in money these days, and he wants to take care of his money.
That’s why we let him have a small amount of money he gets from his relatives, uncles and aunts.

(I’m investing in junior NISA for all the other money he got! Smart mommy!!)



He sometimes goes shopping with the same money.

Of course he doesn’t know well about how to use it, but with experience, he will learn little by little. It`s important!!



He went shopping with his daddy this time, and he bought three Ultra man toys!!! lol

Maybe he’s the type to spend all the money he has, It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult or a child.

My friend’s child is the same age as Fionn, but she is quite good with spending. (Is there a difference between boys and girls?



I noticed recently that Fionn sometimes says, “I want to do homework, too!”.

When I asked him why, he said, “I want to make my own money!”.
Would you like to know why? He thinks homework doesn’t mean homework, he thinks it’s “work at home”.

He already has a goal to work to make money, he said he will buy a car for Daddy and a big house for Mommy!!! Awww such a cute boy! Don’t forget about it please!! Haha



I think it’s going to be a long time before Fionn starts making money,
but I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of things he wants to try to make money and what he is interested in!!!
We have to earn money so that we can support him for everything he wants to do!!!
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