Yum Yum Thai Dinner!!

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(This is a blog translated into English using chat GPT)

So, I’ll be hospitalized for a few days starting from Monday, and I went to the bulk supermarket to buy groceries, making sure Fionn and Emmet can manage easily during that time.

I picked up some frozen pizzas, naan bread, muesli, granola, and microwaveable rice and snacks and decided to have Thai cuisine for dinner tonight! I also got all the ingredients for Thai rice dishes.

These are the two books I always refer to. “10-Minute Authentic Thai Cuisine” is a real lifesaver, and “Asian Delights” has recipes for non-Thai Asian dishes. Both are great!

I coordinated the dishes with pineapple-shaped plates from Thailand. Just using these makes the table instantly feel Thai, and I really love the cute blue pattern.

Tonight’s menu was a bit burnt, but I made spring rolls and som tam with only carrots. I also made a vegetable-packed red curry, and the pad Thai was a huge success this time!!! The gluten-free Thai rice noodles I bought today were so easy to cook with and didn’t get sticky at all. Highly recommended!

So, cheers with some beer!!! By the way, Fionn couldn’t eat any of it, so he had his go-to menu: rice balls, Japanese-style omelette, hamburger, broccoli, tomato, and french fries. But we had jasmine rice today, so when I made onigiri (rice balls) with the microwaveable rice we bought, he said it tasted different and refused to eat it. Maybe they use some preservatives or something. He’s really sensitive to taste… So, it seems like Eme-chan might have to cook rice during my hospital stay after all.

Eme-chan said the red curry, which also had leftover tofu from the fridge, was delicious. And for me, pad Thai was still the best! I soaked the dry noodles in lukewarm water for 20 minutes, but they were still a bit firm at that point. I was worried, but once I started stir-frying them, they quickly became the perfect softness, and the noodles didn’t stick together at all. I’m making these noodles a staple!

Oh, by the way, something exciting happened last Friday. We had our first ZOOM meeting with the architect to discuss the house design. Based on a simple preliminary discussion we had beforehand, they came up with six different designs, each with completely different shapes and atmospheres. We were both thrilled and excited to see all the designs! Seeing them visually really expanded our imagination. And the fact that they provided all the materials in English was also much appreciated.

So, we want to resolve the housing loan issue quickly!!! If anyone has any recommended banks, let us know~♪





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